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Damaged Goods Policy

Title of merchandise passes to purchaser at the time goods are placed in transit. According to I.C.C. Transportation Regulations, claims for damage must be initiated by the consignee. If there is any damage, or the possibility of concealed damage, please note this on the freight bill. Don't sign the Freight Bill unless this is noted!

Disposition of the damaged merchandise is determined by the delivery carrier. Do not destroy packing material or boxes until the carrier's agent has examined them.

Obvious Freight Damage: If you receive a shipment from us or our suppliers with obvious freight damage, REFUSE IT and inform us immediately so we can supply a replacement. If you accept a shipment with obvious freight damage and report it after the fact, we will supply a replacement at the originally quoted price. We will provide a credit upon the return of the original, but based upon the salvage terms of the manufacturer. This will delay your credit for the damaged unit.

Concealed Freight Damage: If you accept a shipment, it is YOUR responsibility to open it immediately and report any concealed freight damage to us and to the carrier. If you fail to report concealed freight damage to the delivery carrier immediately and to note it on the freight bill, neither you nor Water Systems & Pump Service Ltd. have any recourse. We will provide a replacement product at the originally quoted price, and if you wish, we will accept the return of the damaged